We are aware that some of the production processes related to several materials used in the packaging industry contribute to the climate change we are facing. We are concerned of how several packaging material production processes affect the world’s climate change. Manufacturing, raw material consumption, transport …, contribute significantly to their carbon footprint. SODESA takes into account eco-design in order to reduce this terrible impact on the environment. You are invited to discover how do it.

Company certified with the seal “Industria Española y sostenible” awarded by ANAIP (Spanish Association of Plastics Industrialists).

Company certified with the Carbon Footprint Register, compensation and CO2 emission absorption projects of the Ministry for Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge.

Company Member of the Operation Clean Sweep®, global plastics industry initiative to reduce potential leakage of microplastics, in the form of pellets, flakes or resin powder, into the environment, which is progressing thanks to everyone’s commitment.

Registered with the European More Platform for monitoring the use of recycled material, thus certifying its commitment to the circular economy.
Less raw material,
less natural resources required
Firstly, it is important to stand out the quantity of raw material used while manufacturing. We use up to three times less material than similar products made out of other materials. We are concerned of the lack of resources and we prevent the their overuse.
Less energy consumption,
less climate change
The manufacturing processes with other materials, require larger energy consumption, in addition to higher emissions generated by their production plants. This higher energetic consumption, significantly contributes to the greenhouse effects and consequently to the boosting of the climate change
Less water consumption
Packaging productions by the use of other materials, require not only a higher energetic consumption. They need large amounts of another limited resource such as water.. Here in Sodesa, we manufacture without the need of exploiting such a valuable resource.
Taking care of the transport
The lighter the packaging, the larger quantities per load. SODESA’s production travels efficiently, due to the fact that other materials need more space, more loads, and much more fuel due to their higher weights. We keep reducing our carbon footprint in this process, contributing to reduce the global warming.
Less food in the refuse bin
One of the biggest concerns for families is food waste. As food loses its freshness it ends up in the dustbin. The majority of our production is for the food industry, providing a longer shelf life. This way, we contribute to reduce the carbon footprint in the food industry and optimize the natural resources within our planet.