We are equipped with the last technology machinery that reinforces our production process, added to a high qualified team who is constantly researching for improvements related to materials and processes, which provide SODESA wide ranging expertise within the recycled packaging area.
You are welcome to get to know more about our facilities and understand how our production process works. This is us, and this is how we do it. Welcome to Sodesa.
Take the A-1exit towards Villabona, driving through the town and take the Asteasu exit. During the 2km path you will enjoy the stunning view of the Ernio mountain. Once you reach the Industrial area turn left. Continue straight ahead until you reach the Asteasu river, then you turn right. Continue for other 200 m and you will have reached to SODESA.

Our facilities have more than 10.000 m2, adding up the production plant, offices, and warehouses.

Our production process starts in the Extrusion area. It is the first of our processes through which we turn the recycled raw material into packs. . The process starts with the flakes, obtained from the recycled plastic.

In the Extrusion Polymer process, the flakes are fed into the extruder’s hopper in the feeding zone. The solid flakes get in contact with the screw. The rotating screw forces the plastic beads forward into the heated barrel.

Once it reaches the compression zone, extra heat is contributed by the intense pressure and friction taking place inside the barrel. most of the polymer is melted in this section, and the channel depth gets progressively smaller.

This zone melts the last particles and mixes to a uniform temperature and composition. Like the feed zone, the channel depth is constant throughout this zone.

Finally the material reaches the die, where the molten plastic evenly flows from a cylindrical profile, and it is being shaped as a film to be sent to the Thermoforming area.

Through the Thermoforming process the plastic film is molded by being exposed to heat and vacuum using a mould or matrix. It is a critical process, as an excess of temperature can over melt the film and the lack of heat or a bad vacuum quality, could have as a result a faulty product without the defined shapes.

Unlike other processes, the thermoforming starts with a constant thickness rigid film made in the extrusion process. It allows short productions due to its low cost in terms of the tooling. However, it is much more cost-effective for large productions.

Once the thermoforming process is completed, we have a ready to go pack that is being sent in case it has been demanded so, to the labelling and printing area. These customized packs can be either labelled or printed directly with a flexographic technic. Once we have the finished products they are being packed into boxes and stacked in wrapped pallets.

The products then are sent to the warehouse area where they will be ready to be delivered both to the international and the Spanish market.

SODESA is constantly investing in technological and human resources in order to achieve the best final product. Our broad range of packaging solutions, ability to produce large orders with the most competitive prices ensuring the compliance with international standards, make SODESA a reliable option for our current and future clients.