The main raw materials for the manufacture of our range of products is the plastic that is disposed by homes and industry, dedicating our efforts and resources to research and development with the aim of combining economic and ecological sustainability.

After many years of efforts, investments in new machinery and R & D, SODESA continues in the line of preparing all the productive capacity of its lines for the change to R-PET 100% recycled. Our aim is always to guarantee that our packaging performs even better in terms of transparency and resistance of those packs obtained from virgin raw materials. At the same time, they guarantee perfect sustainability, significantly reducing the environmental impact. Our packs are made out of recycled material and are 100% recyclable; all the leftovers from production process are reused in the process immediately.

Our RPET is sustainable under the environmental standard since it uses only recycled secondary materials; under the economic profile, since the difference between the cost of production with virgin raw material and 100% recycled is very low and, finally, under the profile of food safety thanks to the certified recycling process of secondary materials.

This way, using this recycled materials from RPET bottles, we achieve the following goals:

1. We reduce amount of plastic that is thrown into rubbish dumps/incinerators.

2. Reduction of consumption of natural resources, since through the use of recycled materials the consumption of oil used as a raw material for plastic, water and other natural resources is significantly reduced.

3. Reduction of the carbon footprint – savings in transportation and storage. With a lower volume than traditional cellulose containers, they need half the space to be transported and stored, with the consequent reduction of pollution (fewer trucks circulating and logistics optimization).

4. PET is the most recycled plastic in the world. The PET recycling infrastructure (recycling circuit) is well established, from the collection and separation to the additional procedures and their final use. Our R-PET packs comply with Spanish and European regulations, in terms of recycled plastic materials, providing guarantees about innocuousness for food use and its inherent properties barrier for liquids or food sensitive to oxidation.

5. Circular economy. The green dot (Punto Verde) guarantees a second life for the product that we have in front of us. Sometimes even a third, or more lives. Maybe not in the form of packaging, but like any other product manufactured from this material, because that pack will be recycled. Now, in order for these egg packs to enjoy their successive lives they first have to be properly separated and classified at their origin, and for that, they have to be introduced into the yellow container.

7. Transforming used PET bottles into egg packs: For every 1000 Kilos of material that we manufacture our egg packs, at least we use 850 kilos of material from recycled bottles. All our cutting and waste remains are transformed again, considerably reducing waste.

Our goal is to recycle 400.000.000 PET bottles this year?
Could you help us with this challenge?