Sodesa company specialises in the manufacture of translucent egg packaging and offers customers a wide range of products that best show and protect this basic foodstuff.

From the start, our declared mission has been“to supply good quality product and service at a competitive price and for this purpose to use human and material resources capable of meeting our customers’ requirements on a permanent basis, to observe and comply with all applicable regulations and legal requirements, and to guarantee food safety”.

In performing this mission, we play by the following rules:

  1. Any endeavour to give continuous satisfaction to the customer using communication channels permanently open and close to them and accesible information. Those communication channels, oriented to suppliers and other external organization too,are created in order to develop jointly appropriate products and services with regard to the changing circumstances of the market.
  2. It is essential that we have the best human and material resources available, if we are to take up the customers’ challenges. In this respect, staff is the most important asset of the company. This requirement further means a commitment for everybody’s participation.
  3. The need to design, run and update a Hazard and risk analysis-based Quality System that ensures food safety throughout the food chain.
  4. We have to work on increasing the efficiency of our production and management processes through a line of actions directed to Continuous Improvement.

All the individuals who make up Sodesa, starting with the Management, accept the herein described Quality Policy as the fundamentals that rule all the activities of the company.

Management must make sure the Quality Policy is adequate for the purpose of the organisation, includes a commitment to meeting the requirements and improving continually the efficiency of the quality management system, is the reference framework to fix and check the quality targets, is communicated to and understood by the whole staff, and is reviewed annually.

Manager: Valero Solans