One of the basic essentials for the food industry packaging is the food safety. Basically, we must ensure to consume food without risks for our health. However, lots of materials used in the food industry do not comply this requirement. Our products, do not only fulfill with the most demanding certificates within the food safety standards. We test them in independent laboratories in order to guarantee the maximum quality.


What are the MOSH and MOAH?
They are chemical substances derived from oil. Both mineral oil saturated hydrocarbons (MOSH) and mineral oil aromatic hydrocarbons (MOAH) are substances that in long term, could be a major health threat. These elements are present in some food contact materials (FCM) used for packaging and could be transferred to the food.
Functional barrier
in our packaging
Our recycled plastic packaging count with a basic element called FUNCTIONAL BARRIER. It consists of an obstacle to harmful substances preventing them to reach the food, in order to offer the maximum guarantee to the end user.
Packaging free of toxic elements,
tested in independent laboratories
In addition to the functional barrier, SODESA’s plastic recycled packaging have almost zero MOSH and MOAH values. These values show our commitment to offer safer products to our customers and their families. You may check the laboratory report here
A healthy packaging
for a healthy diet
Thanks to the work done by SODESA, the end consumer may dispose of food in the perfect nutritive and beneficial conditions, encouraging a healthier diet.


We have the challenging BRC-IOP certificate.
Developed and published in 2001, the World Standard for Packaging Materials, was designed to protect the consumer, establishing a common ground for the certification of companies suppliers of food producers all around the world.

Since then, the standard has been renewed periodically, with the aim of reflecting the latest ideas in terms of food safety, and nowadays is being applied by food producers all around the world.

The BRC-IOP standard is renewed every year by Sodesa. During the audit, the auditors check that the full standard is being fulfilled with the following requirents:

Mangement commitment
The Company renews annually their commitment with the BRC-IOP, and engages to continue with eh key actions to maintain this quality standard.
Management of risks and dangers analysis
We take into account, problems that might emerge during the present production process, as well as the ones for future actions that the Company may develop.
Quality management and product safety
Documentation Management, internal audits, suppliers Management and chain of custody, traceability, complaints management, etc.
Structures, equiment, maintenance, cleaning and decontamination process, waste handling, pest management, etc. A full complete and thorough review of all our production premises.
Process and products control
Design, production monitoring, inspections and tests, warehousing, transport, non-conformance products control, etc. Each of our products is submitted to the higher quality controls.
Human Resources
Training, Hygiene, clothing, etc. The quality commitment, is undertakent by all the members of the Sodesa teamwork.
Requirements for the products
Tech. Specifications, legislation, traceability, etc. The technical specifications of our products provide reliability and safety to our clients.